How to Order your own Rand's Custom Hat

step-by-step instructions

After you have looked through the gallery of hats or have a good idea of the style you want. Take a few minutes to complete the following items on our “How To Order” checklist.

Complete and submit the How To Order form (below) so we can get started.


1. Size

This is the first step, if you already know your hat size – either by size or in inches or cm – fill in the appropriate box and move on to step 2. If you don't know, then learn how to find your hat size. All you will need is a cloth tape measure.

2. Style

Gus Gunfighter hatAfter looking through our gallery of styles, give us an idea of which style you would prefer, for example. Here is a popular style that looks great on many different size heads. (Show masked picture of a Gus hat) This Gus style can be made with a number of different brim widths, bandings and edge trims. Indicate which style you like. Or if you are not sure, leave the line blank and we can discuss it with you.

3. Color

We have a variety of colors to choose from to make you the perfect hat. There are more colors than just black and white. We can help as well with your choice as we take into consideration skin tone, hair color, etc. If you are not sure, leave the line blank.

4. Quality

Your hat can be made in a variety of material qualities – and hat makers grade materials via a system of X’s. A 7X hat is a less expensive hat than a 20X hat than a 100X hat than a Pure Fur hat. The difference is the combination of the material mix utilizing natural fur and felt. The higher the number, the more natural fur is in it. Cost is a factor as well as durability in the higher the X number the more costly the hat body. That may be more than you need to know but we will discuss material with you when you call. If you are not sure, leave the line blank.

5. Questions or Comments