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What’s Old is New Again

Don’t give up your beloved old hat.
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“We Bring ’Em Back Alive!”

A well-made hat is like a living thing. It needs care, cleaning and looking after. There are many places one can buy a hat. But most of those relationships end at the point of purchase. At Rand’s we offer more than just “selling hats.” We offer a variety of services to help you further enjoy your purchase of a Rand’s Custom Hat. Hats are personal items that accompany the owner on life’s adventures and let’s face it – things happen. Your hat will never be as clean as the day you first put it on. So to take the worry out of the equation – at least when it comes to your hat – here are some of the ways the folks at Rand’s have your back – at least your hat’s back!

Cleaning and Blocking.

Candidate for CleaningThis is the most common and usually easiest way to take regular care of your fine hat. Initially, we take your hat and remove the inside lining and then clean the hat in a solvent solution and/or use a biodegradable soap solution. We now clean the hat lining separately to get the dirt, grease and perspiration out of the fabric.

Once the hat is free of dirt and grease, we hand block the hat to restore the shape and stability of the brim and crown. Once it is stiffened and pressed, we sand the hat surface to help restore the texture. Then we replace the lining & reshape and steam the hat back to how the customer wished the crease and brim of the hat to look. Finally, we add some water repellent for an extra measure of protection. $100.


This service includes cleaning, blocking stiffening, re-shaping and the addition of all new parts. Renovation is called for when a hat has been highly-used, dirty and needs all new parts and might not fit as well anymore. After taking the hat apart, we hand scrub the hat using degreasing solutions. After a thorough cleaning, we may still be faced with left over stains from the grease and dirt that sat in your favorite hat for years. There are few choices remaining as hats that have faded or are discolored by perspiration cannot be re-dyed.

New arrival for RenovationNext we block and iron the hat, add stiffener and body builders to help support the body of the hat. The next step is to iron the crown and the brim so we can restore the size needed for the customer. Once that is completed, we handsew in a new leather sweatband, add a new silk hat lining and let the hat dry to perfection. This hat will still require a new hat band. We have thousands of rolls of ribbon in different colors and widths to choose from. Finally, we reshape the hat to meet the customer’s needs and style desired. $125. (There may be some fading and discoloration left behind in Renovated hats. Each color of fur felt reacts differently to the sun and elements.)


Restoration NeededHere we literally bring your hat back from the edge. This service is for hats that may first appear to be unfixable. The Restoration process – like it sounds – is very labor intensive. In some cases, we have to try and reinforce or patch a small, weak spot or hole in the crown which can become bigger when you block the hat after cleaning…the restoration process also takes many more coats of body builders, stiffeners, and ironing of the hat with intense heat and steam. With all new parts being handsewn for this process, we can change the oval, size, and fit of the hat if needed. But remember fading and stains may permanently discolor the hat so our cleaning may not get rid of some of these issues. If the hat has a bound edge we will have to carefully remove the trim material, sand the brim edge and choose a matching ribbon for this replacement binding. (This hand-sewn edge is an additional charge for replacement.) Once all parts are replaced, your hat will be pressed again, sanded to a finer finish and reshaped into the desired style. At this level, as with many hats, sometimes there is some shrinkage in the fur felt hat body. The steam can affect the hat, depending on how the hat was made. Light shrinkage can be expected in the crown and the brim. Just some things to consider and remember. $150.


Remember, "We Bring'Em Back Alive!"Rand’s Resurrection service is the last, best hat service available in the country. If we can’t save your hat with this service it will be determined as D.O.A. It starts with a bath. We take your old friend and start soaking it in a degreasing solution. Next, we remove all parts of the hat including the edge trim binding. After hand processing your hat several times to make sure all perspiration and dirt are removed, we turn the hat inside out if necessary for additional inspection and cleaning. Then we turn the hat around front to back to start the sanding and ironing process to try and strengthen the weak spots on the brim and the soft spots on the crown or crease areas. Then the stiffening and drying process starts. In order to add body back into most hats, it requires multiple layers of the fur felt to be stiffened, dried and stiffened again. Then the hat is pressed at two-hundred degrees to iron in the stiffener. This action will require a wooden block to be placed back in the hat to start the sanding process and finishing the texture so that the hat will be soft to the touch once again. Next we need to hand sew a new, soft leather sweatband in your hat to the size that has been pre-determined when your hat arrived. Then we add a new silk lining and trim the hat with a new hat band and ribbon edge binding if required. And as with the other services, we finish your hat with water repellent to help enable your “old” hat to withstand the elements better. A final re-crease and shape and we have brought your hat back to life. $200.

Call or email for details: 1-800-346-9815 or need email address


Rest in PeaceBut remember, there are some hats that simply cannot be saved. If that is the case with your hat, we will tell you gently as losing a loved one can be devastating. May this one, Rest In Peace....

But all is not lost. If your hat is determined to be D.O.A. we will be pleased to fit you with a new Rand’s Custom Hat – perfect for your next round of life’s adventures. We have many styles and colors and we’ll make it just for you!

Visit our Gallery of Hats for ideas, or our How to Order page for step-by-step instructions to order your new custom hat from Rand's.